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Silver and Copper Electro Plated Baby Shoes


Your child's first walking shoes can be permanently encased in the metal of your choice - pure silver, or copper - to create an enduring reminder of their first steps. The electro plating process picks up every detail so that even the scruffiest, scuffed shoe is transformed into a shiny, gorgeous memento.

The electro-plating process is better suited to shoes with a buckle or strap as opposed to laces. If lace-up shoes are to be electro-plated we usually recommend that they are removed.

Silver Plated Baby Shoes

Silver plated shoes make a perfect present, and can be passed on from generation to generation.

Silver electro plated baby shoes

Silver plated baby shoes

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Copper Plated Baby Shoes

As a more tradional choice, copper plating offers a less polished finish akin to what is often called bronzing.

Customer Feedback

They look stunning – far, far better quality than our eldest son's that we had done - we had to leave those in a garage for months for the strong chemical odour to go and they are patchy in places...

... if you ever have any customer who is perhaps a little “old fashioned” or cautious and not confident sending items and a cheque to you, I would be very happy to act as a positive reference.

Paul Donovan, London

Prices - Electro-plated baby shoes


  • Silver plated baby shoe - £120 per shoe / £230 per pair
  • Copper plated baby shoe - £115 per shoe / £220 per pair