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Hand Casting - Child, Adult and Family Hand Sculptures

Hands can be cast alone or made into family sculptures with two or more hands intertwined, clasped together or simply displayed alongside each other. Individual and inter-generational casts of baby, child and adult hands can encapsulate something special about the people they were taken from and provide a lasting memory of a special occasion or event. More novel hand poses can be moulded, from a clenched fist of a boxer to a peace V-sign.

Entwined adult hand cast in white plaster

Entwined adult hand cast

How we take the cast

A mould is taken from the model's hand using a substance called alginate. The alginate quickly sets into a flexible mould from which the hand is easily removed with a little tugging and wriggling. Plaster is then poured into the mould to make the initial cast. The final casting material is your choice.

Child and adult hand casts

If you are interested in baby hand casting take a look at baby hand and feet casting.

Prices - Child, adult and family hand casts

Our price list includes examples of the more commonly requested pieces. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.