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Baby Hand and Feet Sculptures Cast in Bronze, Silver and Plaster

Commission a life cast sculpture of your baby's hands or feet to capture all those tiny features which make them unique. Casting Queen will then translate these exquisite details into a beautiful bronze, silver or even gold sculpture so that you can treasure that moment forever. It is hard to beat the tactile qualities of free-standing baby hands or feet, which allow every crease, tiny toe or fingernail to be examined at a whim; something you will appreciate more and more as baby grows into a child, teenager, adult ... Each foot and hand cast is a near perfect 3D replica of your child's features.

A luxury newborn baby gift

Usually we are asked to take an impression of a pair of hands or feet, but there is no reason why you cannot have a hand and foot. Sometimes parents like to buy extra sets for grandparents too. Conversely, these casts present grandparents with a perfect opportunity to bestow a luxury baby gift upon the new parents. The birth of a newborn baby is an expensive time for new parents so a unique gift from grandparents ensures that the moment is not missed and a family heirloom is created.

To see more pictures view the baby hand and feet casts photo gallery. For older children, adults and family you can look at hand casting.

How we cast your baby's feet and hands

The process is very safe, moulds are taken directly from baby's skin using a gloopy substance called alginate which sets to form a flexible mould from which the hand or foot is easily wriggled free. Plaster casts are then made from this mould. View a demonstration of a baby having their feet moulded in alginate and cast in plaster on YouTube.

Casting materials and finishes

Baby hands and feet can be cast in bronze, solid silver and plaster. Bronze can be patinated or highly polished. Solid silver pieces are polished and hallmarked. Alternatively, framed plaster cast baby hands and feet are also available at a competitive price.

Foot casting styles

Foot casts are available in three styles: cut off just above the ankle; a slim cast cut off below the ankle on the upper arch of the foot;  or an extra long cast.

Displaying your casts

Plinths in slate, granite or Perspex are available to display baby hand and feet casts or they can stand alone on a mantle piece or shelf. Alternatively, they make fabulous paperweights - the perfect gift.

Prices - Baby feet and hand casts

Often both grandparents and parents want to have a set of baby hands or feet. Subsequent sets of solid bronze feet cost £350 and solid bronze hands £395.