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Baby hand and foot cast in bronze

Baby Hand and Feet Sculptures Cast in Bronze, Silver and Plaster

Commission a life cast of your baby's hands or feet to capture that special moment when they are so small and precious - an opportunity that soon passes... see more information on baby hand and feet casting

Silver painted plaster cast baby feet in white box frame

Framed Baby Feet and Hand Casts

Baby hands and feet cast in plaster and mounted in a box frame - available in a selection of finishes... Find out more about framed baby feet and hand casts

Intertwined adult hand sculpture cast in white plaster - husband and wife

Hand Casting - Child, Adult and Family Hand Sculptures

Child, adult, and family hand sculptures cast in bronze, silver and plaster. Hands can be cast individually, or as clasping or entwined multiple hand art pieces.

Find out more... child, adult and family hand casting

Body cast of a child's back

Lifecast Sculpture - Child, Adult and Family Body Casts

Beautiful lifecast sculptural pieces of art from child to adult. Hand, torso, bust, back and bottom body casts in bronze, silver or plaster.

To find out more or arrange a commission take a look at some of my work... child, adult and family lifecast sculpture

Ballet shoe plaster cast on foot

Ballet Shoe Casts

Capture that beautiful ballerina poise. Your ballet shoe cast on your foot - presented in a selection of casting materials and finishes and mounted on a plinth. Find out more about ballet shoe casts

Dog paws cast in bronze

Dog Paw Sculptures Cast in Bronze

A perfect gift for dog lovers and field sport enthusiasts: dog paw sculptures cast in solid bronze. Take a look at what we are able to offer... view dog paw casts