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Julia Nelson

About Us

At just two-and-a-half weeks’ old, my eldest daughter’s feet were cast in bronze. Nineteen years later, they are still perfect – and unbelievably small.

By the time my second daughter was born, the company who produced our first set of feet were no longer willing to travel to our home. They suggested sending us a kit to take the mould ourselves, from which they would then make a bronze. Sceptical as to the likely quality of a home-produced cast, we subsequently did nothing more about it. It is now a source of great regret that we have no record of baby Jasmine’s tiny feet to place beside Belinda’s. As a result, I decided to set up Casting Queen.

An integral part of my service is that I will come to your home, where the model can benefit from the comfort and convenience of being in their own environment. Best of all, there is no charge if your address is within a 40-mile radius of Guildford, Surrey. For further distances, a modest fee will apply. It is obvious that when the model is a young child the benefits of this for all concerned are huge.

Inspired by my daughter Jasmine’s touching drawing - “0-100 always beautiful at all ages” – I have produced some wonderful inter-generational pieces, celebrating the relationship between young and old. These provide a poignant memento of moments that are all too quickly consumed by time. The bronze cast of my own mother’s hand, a superbly tactile object, is something to treasure into the future.